416R Stainless Steel

1:7 twist

Sub MOA Accuracy

Mid Length Gas System (18")

Rifle Length Gas System (22"-24")


WPA Adjustable Gas Block Option:

-Precision machined specifically for WPA carbon fiber barrels

-Includes Nitride Treated Gas Tube (factory installed on gas block)

-Barrel comes dimpled for set screws (if gas block is selected) to insure perfect alignment  with gas port and zero movement during heavy use.

-Made from 416 Stainless Steel

-Allows for full adjustment of the gas port unlike other adjustable gas blocks

-Uses a Inconel set screw to regulate port that will withstand suppressed and/or full auto fire

-Double backed set screw prevents movement while firing

-Easily adjusted in the field with a hex key


Barrel Weights:

18" - 

22" - 2lb 8oz.

24" - 2lb 10oz.

Carbon Fiber .224 Valkyrie Barrel

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