Non Reciprocating Side Charging Upper Receiver for Pistol Caliber or AR15 rifle caliber Lower Receivers

-Billet 7075 Aluminum

-Hinged Flap on the rear of the receiver prevents blowback gas from escaping

-Non Reciprocating Side Charging 


Pistol Caliber:

-Wide Ejection Port will eject up to .45 caliber 

-Designed for Pistol Caliber Blowback Bolt Carriers that do not have Cam Pin.


Rifle Caliber:

-Wide Ejection Port will work with .458 SOCOM, 450 Bushmaster, and .50 Beowulf.

-Cam pin included to adapt to standard mil spec Bolt Carrier Group


Cerakote Colors:

-Wolfpack Bronze - Our own custom blended bronze gives your pistol a look like no other pistol on the market.

-Grey Wolf - A.K.A. Tungsten, a dark metallic grey that is a perfect contrast for black hardware.

-Timberwolf - A.K.A. Magpul Flat Dark Earth

Cerakoted Non Reciprocating Side Charging Upper Receiver

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